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Three Ways to Mix Your Homes Style with Vintage Pieces

Have you ever walked into someone's house and just immediately felt you knew them just by looking around?

Our homes tell stories about us and our lives without us even realizing.

Each of our lives are filled with little stories; stuff that we experienced as kids, places we've traveled, where we've lived. 

So why wouldn't we decorate our homes to reflect some of these stories too?!

When you're buying vintage or second hand home decor, you are really bringing in other stories too. You're also changing the narrative by bringing it into your home too! Like that shelf that was in a families home for 30 years kept in a library that no one ever touched or the desk that was so well loved someone wrote 4 books working at it!

I mean, come ON. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

It's saving the planet and allowing something to be loved even longer is truly what makes all this so exciting and fun!

And the stories that you can chat about when you have people over to entertain!


Here are Three Ways to Mix Your Homes Style with Vintage Pieces:

1. Look for large wooden pieces of furniture

Most vintage wooden shelves, desks or tables were built to last and I promise you they will continue to do their job for years to come! 

Then you can fill the shelves with your favorite books and accents you've collected from your travels! Plus I'm sure you've found some really amazing small size art you could display too!

2. Textured fabric chairs

You will truly find something so unique that someone has undoubtably never seen before! Obviously I would also recommend making sure you have a proper cleaning protocol like a steam cleaner too just to be safe when bringing these into your home.

These not only add additional functional seating areas to your home, but they also add a flair. Orange velvet covered art deco chairs?! Floral embroidered accent chair set?


Not only are these types of chairs also built to last like our friends made of solid wood, but they are things we ALL need. So skip the Target and home goods chairs and keep your eyes peeled for something you can't live without.

3. Rugs

I mean we all know how well rugs can pull together and entire eclectic look and that's what most of us are after!

You can spot high quality vintage rugs from a mile away and most people are ready to just purge when the time comes to clear out there houses so you can usually get them for a STEAL.

They absolutely do not make rugs the way they used to but they're cheaper that's the easy way. I'm here to tell you to HOLD OUT until you see one that just completes your life. 

Who knows, maybe the rug was on the living room floor of a famous French painter...

I can't wait to see how you tell your homes story by mixing in more vintage!



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