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The Swan Society: September 2020, France

Check out what was inside the very first month of The Swan Society package themed all about FRANCE.

Explore the culture by spending time and making a traditional ratatouille dish that will transport you to a small town in France.

Sip on some wine from Bordeaux and read travel suggestions packed in for you to inspire your future itineraries.

Take your vintage France stamp and save it somewhere special or even frame it with your new mini 5"x7" print!

Still in the mood for more? Luckily for you all Swan Society members get exclusive monthly coupon to anything in the shop!

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"My first Swan Society package in September hit so many of my interests in one package, including travel, art, vintage. I loved that it included an activity (cooking) for me to do with my family. The color schemes were drool worthy and made me want to go use my coupon to buy more of your art!"- Kelley
"I was so excited when I opened my first Swan Society package. I’ve seen Brittany's work before so obviously I knew it was going to be good, but I could really feel the love and detail and thought she put into this project. It really made me so happy and I can’t wait to get the next one!" Lilia


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