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The Drawing Room

As you may know already, I love everything there is about the creative process. Sharing and learning from other people can be so valuable, hence why The Drawing Room was created!
I want to dive deeper into living a creatively curious life and share it with you along the way. 

The Drawing Room is for people who:
  • love to support their favorite artists
  • are curious to learn from small art history lessons
  • enjoy following drawing prompts
  • relish in listening to artists interviews
  • can't wait to see the behind the scenes action
  • want shop discounts + free downloads

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Each month I will share a variety of photos, videos and stories with you varying from art history lessons, sketchbook studies, procreate tutorials, behind the scenes processes, studio insights and drawing prompts. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING in my shop here (frames excluded).

As The Drawing Room grows, I will be able to spend more time creating with you by offering live drawing sessions and artist interviews. 


+ How much does it cost?

Only $5 per month. You are charged the day you join and then the following 1st of every month as long as you are a member.

+ Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time to join?

Nope! You can start and cancel anytime you please.

+ Is this for US customers only?

Nope! Anyone in the world can join and have access to all the things!

+ Do I need be an artist to join? 

Absolutely not! You may appreciate art history, learning about art processes and simply enjoy my work and want to continue to support. Plus if you have kids, I think these prompts I share will be great starters for them too!

+ Why is The Drawing Room hosted on the Patreon platform?

Creating your own subscription based channel for a business is a lot of work that can become really glitchy and hard for one person to manage. Patreon allows creators to focus on what they do best, creating! All the payments are secure, everything is in one place and it has excellent support for creators and customers.

+ Where do I sign up?

Right with the button below!


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