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Brittany Bouyer is an illustrator + pattern designer based in Chicago, Il. She creates her designs based on her personal experiences, nostalgia and a lot of self-inquiry into her daily life as a creative human. Brittany hopes to inspire women to connect with their own life experiences and surround themselves with art that reflects small pieces of who they are.

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Surround yourself with works of art that empower you through nostalgia, your personal history and heartfelt memories to make your home a time traveling history of your own life story.

Personal Projects


In April 2021, I noticed every day I write down mini encouragements (hello, self employed working solo...) to keep myself focused and remind myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I repeat them like daily affirmations or mini "pep talks." After connecting with the IG community, others were feeling the same and have even shared some of their favorite self pep talks! I decided it was an excellent way to inspire others too with these small sayings and moments of encouragement with new illustrations. Follow the #everydaypeptalks hashtag on IG to see them all!

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In February 2020, I started a project called #FrançaisEnFévrier where I created daily digital designs inspired by words and phrases I learned while studying the French language. Combining two very important pieces of my life together to create an entire new collection was monumental!

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In April 2020, in effort to bring more positivity to the digital world, I've made a pact to create designs based on submissions from others⁣⁣, called the Positivity Pact! I'm doing my part to keep our mental health filled with positive vibes⁣⁣! I'm making designs and lettering based off YOUR suggestions--- all your favorite quotes, short poems, book highlights, affirmations and beyond that are keeping you connected during COVID-19.

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Are you interested in working with Brittany or licensing her work? Send her a message!

All illustrations and designs produced on this website and shop are exclusive property of Brittany Bouyer. These images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without written permission from Brittany Bouyer.



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