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Quatre Heure: April 2022

Brittany Bouyer Artist Blog Post


Let's take a moment to talk about sketchbooks.

We see people share about them ALL the time on social media and truthfully, I'm intimidated. They always seem to look like beautiful, finishes pieces of work...

A majority of my sketchbook is filled will color tests and pen taps from trying to get the ink back in my pen, ha!

Now I don't really care what other people think about my sketchbook because it's a place for me.

To play.

To explore. 

To fix.

To test.

And basically do whatever the heck my little heart desires.

It keeps my hands busy and let's me get a break from the screen.

I urge you to take ONE minute a day this week to tap your pen or pencil around and see where it takes you.

Give yourself the credit for that one minute and maybe it will turn into two the next day. 


Here's what's happenin' in my corner of the world...

What I'm reading:

Currently: Burnout by the Nagoski sisters, Still Life, The Last Days of John Lennon (audio), Atlas of the Heart(audio)

Finished: The Last Mrs. Parrish, The Lost Wife

For more book goodness from yours truly, hang out with me on Goodreads.

What I'm watching:

Now Watching: Good Girls (Netflix!)

Just Finished: The Last Duel, Argo, Deep Water, Bridgerton Season 2

What I'm listening to:

Podcasts: Unlocking Us-- obsessed with this episode about habits with James Clear

Music: Vitamin String Quartet

Link I love:


“Happiness is not a's a by-product of a life well lived.”
 Eleanor Roosevelt

Until next month, 


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