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Quatre Heure: September 2022


I know a lot of people resist the season change that comes with Labor Day weekend, but this year it feels like a switch has been flipped. 

It's darker and cloudy outside, things feel quiet with kids back in school and people just getting back into their routines.

I welcome this time of year because it feels like everyone starts to ground themselves, to focus on slowing down and enjoying the internal shift too.

Often this time of year brings a lot of reflection and inspiration which I welcome before the busy-ness of the holidays.

I also must admit I love everything pumpkin, apple and caramel so that helps this time of year too :)


Here's what's happenin' in my corner of the world...

What I'm reading:

Currently: The Room on Rue Amélie

Finished: Lessons in Chemistry, The Keeper of Happy Endings, Things We Never Got Over

For more book goodness from yours truly, hang out with me on Goodreads.

What I'm watching:

Now Watching: Rewatching New Girl--- needed something lighter!

Just Finished: Blackbird, Loot, Uncoupled, The Other Guys

What I'm listening to:

Podcasts: We Can Do Hard Things (loved this episode about personality tests)

Music: Still loving the Into The Wild soundtrack

Link I love:

  • For the foodies: I have been swooning over this cookie account, they are SO good.
  • For the artists: I love this blog post about the act of copying as self discovery.
  • For the travelers: a list of beautiful boutiques and boulangerie's in Paris!


Until next month, 


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